Your New Nearest Post Office in Oslo

The Norwegian Postal Service recently decided to close the vast majority of post offices in Norway. All the closures should be implemented by 2014, at which point there will only be 30 post offices in the entire country. In Oslo we will lose 28 postal centers. This doesn’t mean that the mail is going away – most cities and towns will still have at least one Post i butikk, a system where there is a postal counter in local stores, plus mail delivery will continue as normal. 

If you prefer going to an actual post office to mail your letters and packages then count yourself lucky if you live in Oslo – we will still have seven postal centers after all is said and done. They will all be located in the inner Oslo area, though, with no post offices outside the Ring 3 road. To see where your new nearest post office will be, check the map below showing the seven surviving offices.

View Remaining Post Offices in Oslo in a larger map

Keep in mind that there may be a Post i butikk closer to you – use Posten’s map to see all available postal options in your area. A list of all post offices being closed can be found in PDF format here.