Christmas markets (and sausage!)

I had a chance to visit two Christmas markets today in downtown Oslo. The first was the Farmer’s Market (Bondens marked) at Valkyrie plass in Majorstuen, where there was some delicious smoked salmon and smoked whale (seriously, try it when you get a chance, it has an excellent flavor). The second was the large Christmas market along Karl Johan gate at Spikersuppa, where we found a good-deal on delicious homemade sausages, including garlic sausage and reindeer sausage.

My haul from the market. It’s a literal sausage fest in here!
I noticed that a lot of expats left town this weekend to spend the holidays at home. If you’re sticking around for the next few weeks, though, then be sure to spend some time at the markets around town – they’re the best place to get traditional Norwegian holiday treats. Unfortunately this was the last day for the farmers’ market, but the market on Karl Johan is open until next Tuesday the 20th. For more info on holiday happenings around town for those of us spending the yuletide in Oslo, check out the Christmas section of VisitOslo’s website.